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The General Assembly of FEFCO

  • elects the President, Vice-President and Treasurer;
  • elects for the Board of Directors five representatives of the major companies chosen amongst the 10 companies with the highest production in Europe.

The Board of Directors is further composed of:

  • one representative of countries with a production above 1,5 billion m2/year;
  • five representatives from the remaining countries chosen amongst the active members either individually or grouped in clusters provided they represent a production of at least 1.5 billion m2/year.

FEFCO Board members

Klingele Jan

Vice Presidents
Villaquiran Roberto
Macharis Jean-Paul

Honorary Vice President
Iversen Nina

Sealy Rick

Major Companies
Chartrain Eric, International Paper Europe
Schoonbrood Armand, Mondi Corrugated Services
Saunders Gary, DS Smith Packaging
Villaquiran Roberto, Smufit Kappa Europe

Major Associations
Cecchini Amelio, GIFCO - Italy
Coward Richard, CPI - UK
Würth Steffen, VDW - Germany
Arnault Bertrand, COF - France
Koyuncu Mesut, OMUD - Turkey
Santorromán Saldaña Leopoldo, AFCO - Spain and ANIPC - Portugal
Rogalka Pawel, SPP - Poland

Representatives of Clusters
Rasovszky Miklos, Cluster I
Iversen Nina, Cluster II
Macharis Jean-Paul, Cluster III
Enzenberg Alexander, Cluster IV

Committee person
Azens Jean-Jacques, Standard Committee
Saunders Gary, Market & Environment Committee
Van Damme Marc, Production Committee
Klingele Jan, Communication Committee
Wolfrum Oliver, National Associations Directors Committee
Swift John, Regulatory Affaires Committee