Corrugated packaging: a contribution to society

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The corrugated sector makes a significant contribution to Europe employment

Corrugated board plants are located all over Europe. The Corrugated Industry creates a significant number of challenging jobs and offers real opportunities.

There are 701 corrugated plants employing more than 77 000 people. They create economic and social benefits in areas where they operate, for related industries such as paper and paperboard, for converters manufacturing other types of packaging and for recyclers.

Imagine a world without corrugated?

Contribution to society of corrugated packaging

The logistic and transport systems would collapse. Handling would be messy, inefficient and costly because products need transport and logistics packaging. Selling products through modern distribution channels would be impossible...

Alternative packaging would not be able to perform the same functions as corrugated in such an efficient way. In most cases, alternative packaging is less space-efficient with possible higher weight and a relative lower choice in sizes. In addition, competitive materials are often made from non renewable fossils resources.

Art and design

Discover artists using corrugated and surprising usage of corrugated


Corrugated packaging.  Let’s take a look inside

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