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Discover the 7 rules of efficient packaging

Boxes have excellent runnability in an automatic environment; corrugated is ideally suited for fully automated systems, it is easy to erect and can be filled at high speed on automated packing lines. Thanks to its lightweight, knockdown ability and stackabililty, corrugated packaging is easy to transport, handle, store and to dispose of. It also optimises floor space allocated to storage at all points of the logistics chain. Furthermore, it offers efficient and user-friendly solutions for bringing the products to the shelves in the stores.

Download the brochure: the 7 rules of efficient packaging

Special packaging solution for Fruit & Vegetable: CF standard


CF standard provides stackability of corrugated trays and pallet load stability. CF trays which comply with FEFCO standard (dimensions: 600 x 400 mm and 400 x 300 mm) are packaging solutions which ensure a high degree of logistical efficiency: they support both the stacking characteristics of large and small shipments, and the stability of the loaded pallets. Sizes are based on Europallet dimensions in order to avoid loads that are either too large or have unnecessary gaps. This enables fruit and vegetables to be transported at a highly cost efficient way throughout the EU. Corrugated board crates that meet CF standards can reduce supply chain costs by as much as 28%.

For additional information on the CF European Standard for Fruit & Vegetable tray 

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Fruit and vegetables packaging

If you need to protect, transport and display fruit and vegetables there’s one packaging that’s perfect for the job – corrugated of course!

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