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FEFCO Technical Seminar 2017 - Spotlights Sessions

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Spotlight Sessions

FEFCO offers its Sympathiser members the opportunity to present a “Spotlight” during the Seminar to promote their latest technical innovation and disseminate these amongst members.

The Spotlight presentation lasts 7 minutes featuring innovations in production or service related to the corrugated board manufacturing.

The sessions are fully integrated within the conference programme and open to all attendees.


The application for the Spotlight sessions is Open!


Spotlights Procedure and Registration Form

Spotlight Registration Form

Spotlight Procedure and Guidelines

Strict Deadlines

  •     Registration to spotlight sessions: 30th June 2017
  •     Spotlight file delivery file to FEFCO: 1st September 2017
  •     Spotlights review & feedback to companies: 15th September 2017
  •     Name of the speaker(s) and company (shortened version correctly spelled: 15 September 2015

Please be aware that we cannot accept any spotlights which do not comply with our rules nor those sent after the above deadlines.

In order to attract a maximum number of participants to the exhibition floor and increase the traffic around the Exhibit space we arranged to have the Spotlight sessions room within the Exhibition Hall.

List of Spotlights participants

  1. Absolute
  2. ATS
  3. Bahmüller 
  4. AZAHI
  5. Baldwin
  6. Barberan
  7. Conprinta
  8. Duo-Technik
  9. EDF Europe
  10. EFI
  11. Engico
  12. Feldmuehle Uetersen
  13. Fossaluzza
  14. Kiwiplan
  15. Lemtapes
  16. MOSCA
  17. Mühlen Sohn
  18. OM Partners
  19. Renova
  20. RISE
  21. RTS
  22. Sappi
  23. SMB
  24. SERRA
  25. Siegwerk
  26. Sun Automation
  27. Tiruna
  28. Valmet