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Art and design

Some artists have chosen to use corrugated as a source of inspiration and endless creativity. They are using corrugated in different ways: some partly expose the flutings by peeling away the surface layer of paper, they paint it, cut in into pieces and use the peeled corrugated as tiles for mosaic patterns. Some stack and glue layers of corrugated sheets and sculpt it, or manipulate it in artistic ways, and transform it into various objects.

But corrugated is not just about art, more and more designers are using the material to create light, robust and very creative furniture for everyday use. Corrugated is also used as a material for construction and insulation…

Eiffel Tower by the students of the secondary technical school -  Lipník nad Bečvou




Link to some artists using Corrugated

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James Lake - Sculpture

Martin Spengler

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Mark Langan’s Corrugated Cardboard Sculpture

Françoise Amadieu painter 3D in France

Mark Langan Artist

A Kansas Artist Finds Herself In A Universal Box