FEFCO Technical Seminar 2021 - Spotlights

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Spotlight Presentations Schedule

Spotlight Presentations Schedule will be available in August

Spotlight format and rules!

The Spotlight sessions will be in the Conference room.

Spotlight Procedure and Guidelines

How to make a good presentation

Spotlight Registration Form


  • Registration to spotlight sessions: 15 June
  • Spotlight file delivery file to FEFCO: 30 June
  • Production Committee feedback to companies: 30 July
  • Name of the speaker(s) correctly spelled: 30 August
  • Please note that the spotlight Presenter must register for the exhibition or the full conference at least for the day of his/her presentation.
  • Name of the company (shortened version) correctly spelled: 30 August
  • Minor changes to the presentation with embedded video (if any): 30 August

Please beware that we cannot accept presentations that do not comply with the above rule and deadlines.

The spotlight participants list will be available in July