FEFCO Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC)

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FEFCO Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC) has  the responsibility to monitor, analyse  and explain regulatory initiatives of relevance to the corrugated packaging industry, at European level.

The Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAC) consists of a number of company and association experts who, with the support of the FEFCO Secretariat, carry out this function and report directly to the FEFCO Board.

Its work can be divided into two areas, Environment and Product Safety, which reflect the two principle underlying pieces of legislation directly affecting our businesses, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and the Framework Regulation on  Material and Articles in Contact with Food.

For more information on the Regulatory Affairs Committee, contact Krassimira Kazashka, Technical Director (krassi.kazashka@fefco.org)

The RAC is closely working with CITPA, the umbrella association of paper and board converters in Europe. CITPA is responsible,  where appropriate, to influence the direction of regulatory initiatives, of relevance to the corrugated packaging industry, at the level of the European Union Institutions.

For more information: CITPA website