Data description

Data description

Participating paper mills and corrugated board plants

The data in this report are based on weighted average data for 2014 of the production per tonne net saleable paper and corrugated board boxes.

The data for the production of the four major paper grades: Semichemical Fluting, Kraftliner, Testliner and Wellenstoff as well as for the production of corrugated board were collected directly from the producers and checked by technical experts.

The data for Semichemical Fluting and Kraftliner represent more than 90% of the total annual production of corrugated base papers from primary fibres in Europe. The data for Semichemical Fluting and Kraftliner also represent 90% of the total consumption of these grades for corrugated board production in Europe. These paper grades are produced in large mills, located in Austria, Finland, France, Portugal, Poland and Sweden. Their total production was 4.740.000 tonnes net saleable paper in 2014. The mills each have an annual production of 85.000-700.000 tonnes net saleable paper.

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