Data description

Data description

Weighted averages

The database gives the weighted averages of the inputs into and outputs from the sites per tonne net saleable product (paper and corrugated board) for 2014 from the participating paper mills and corrugated board plants. Annual inputs and outputs include periods of shut down, so these periods are included in the figures per tonne net saleable paper.

It is important to understand that the figures do not represent a certain mill with a certain technology. On the contrary the figures represent a “virtual mill” utilising different technologies.

The technology which is applied in the participating paper mills and corrugated board plants is not the same.

For example: not all mills use a combined heat power generation, wastewater treatment is not always internal, a large variety of additives is used. In some cases this leads to a large variation of inputs and outputs between the mills. Also different inputs and outputs are strongly interrelated, so a mill can be high in one input compared to the others but low in another input, but a mill cannot be low or high for both. Therefore no range of the data is given to prevent studies from being made using a false combination of highest and lowest data.

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