Data description

Data description

Emissions to air

Emissions from fuel combustion (transport, electricity generation for the public grid) outside the mill are not included in the data. In case the site sold electricity, the emissions associated with the sold electricity are not included. Emissions to air from the sites have been reported. For dust, TRS (H2S), NOx and SOx the figures from the paper mills are mostly based on measurements. For CO2 the figures reported are based on emissions reported to authorities where provided, or where these were not provided they are based on calculations and reported separately for fossil and biomass origin. Corrugated board plants have no measured air emission data to report. Therefore, the air emission figures for corrugated board production reported in Table 4 and in the Annex are calculated from reported figures for consumption of different fuels in the corrugated board plants. The emission factors in Table 3 were used for the calculations for fossil fuels. For biofuels, the following factors were applied: black liquor 110 kgCOe2 per GJ; wood, bark and wood chips 125 kgCO2e per GJ; biogas 55 kgCO2e per GJ. These emission factors were based on data provided by the mills. 
Table 3 Default factors for calculating emissions to air from fossil fuels

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Allocation of emissions to paper grades when a mill produces more than one paper grade

Emissions to air are calculated from measurements, applied technology, permit values or from the input of fuels. Necessary allocations were done in the same way as for energy input.