The database may only be used for environmental studies regarding product development and improvement. The database may not be used for comparisons between the production of primary fibre and recovered fibre-based materials as such or for comparison to other materials.

The production of corrugated board is normally expressed in m2.

For LCA it is preferable to have it expressed in weight.

The table shows the calculated inputs and outputs for the production of 1 tonne of corrugated board in Europe with an average paper grade composition. The explanation of the calculation is reported in chapter 2.3.

For the average corrugated board product, the paper input is 1.147 tonnes/tonne corrugated board, with an output of 0.147 tonnes paper for recycling. 

Please note that corrugated board boxes are far from standardised. They show a huge variation in composition, design and appearance. Boxes are tailor-made to fit the user’s needs and requirements determined by the product to be packed. The amount of paper and glue, percentage of trimmings/shavings vary according to the design of the packaging.
 On average 1.147 tonne of paper is used to produce one tonne of corrugated board. The original five datasets for the four main paper grades and corrugated board production from which the data are derived, are reported in the Annex. The data for the corrugated box is calculated by multiplying the average paper grade composition by 1.147 and adding the corrugated board data reported in the Annex.

Averages are only given for parameters that were available from all five data sets.

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