Relationship to the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

CCB and FEFCO have been compiling the environmental database for the European corrugated industry 
for more than twenty-five years. Over the course of multiple iterations of the project a robust process has been developed in which the data provided is processed and checked by both LCA practitioners and industry experts. The process and data are then subjected to an independent peer review.
This experience has led to the generation of a well-respected and transparent life cycle inventory dataset for the production of corrugated base papers and the conversion of these base papers into corrugated board and corrugated boxes. Therefore, CCB and FEFCO intend to continue to collect and process the data using the same methods and present the information in the same format.
More recently, the European Commission has proposed the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) as a common way of measuring environmental performance9. To facilitate the adoption of the PEF methodology, the European Commission is developing a database of life cycle inventory data. Category rules for compiling life cycle studies in compliance with the PEF methodology are also in development. PEF category rules have already been published for Intermediate Paper Products10, but no category rules have been published covering the conversion of these into end products.
The PEF methodology and the PEF database are still in development and open to discussion, and category rules are currently only available for the production of base papers not including conversion. Therefore, whilst the data for this life cycle inventory has been collected with reference to the PEF and, where relevant, the Product Category rules for Intermediate Paper Products, no claim of compliance with the PEF methodology or data requirements is made.