Description of product system

Description of product system

Corrugated board production

Corrugated Board is manufactured from a number of specially conditioned layers of recycled and/or virgin papers, called Fluting Medium and Linerboard. Reels of Fluting Medium and Linerboard are fed into a machine called a Corrugator. The Fluting Medium paper is conditioned with heat and steam and fed between large corrugating rolls that give the paper its fluted shape. Starch is applied to the tips of the flutes on one side and the inner liner is glued to the fluting. The corrugated fluting medium with one liner attached to it is called single face web and travels along the machine towards the Double Backer where the single face web meets the outer liner and forms corrugated board. A number of layers of single faced web may be built up to produce double and triple wall corrugated board. The corrugated board is slit into the required widths and cut into sheets which are then stacked or palletised.  The final stage of the process consists of printing and then slotting, folding and gluing the corrugated board to manufacture a corrugated box.

Figure 1d Corrugated board production

Fig. 1d Corrugated board production

Various structures of corrugated fibreboard are illustrated below (after ISO 4046):

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