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Member or not? Take a look at the BENEFITS!

Informing, networking, taking influence: You want to be in the middle of it? You want to exchange technical information with your suppliers and peers? You want to meet Manufacturers from other countries? You want to know what is going on in Brussels at EU-level in the field of Corrugated Packaging? You want to comment on legislation?
If your answer is yes then you are right in taking the decision for a membership. Depending on where you work and the specific field of your operation, there are different forms of membership (see FEFCO Membership categories hereunder);

Some more concrete reasons for joining:

  • FEFCO informs you about all specific industry issues: technical, economic, legislative and all related matters;
  • FEFCO holds regularly two European major events. You can attend the bi-annual Technical Seminar that is unique in the corrugated industry as well as the bi-annual Summit; each brings together hundreds of delegates from throughout the world for workshops, plenary sessions and social happenings. These events offer you an opportunity of networking, learning from the industry experts and peers and exchanging technical information with manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated board;
  • FEFCO will invite to other events which serve for networking as well;
  • FEFCO provides you with answers and guidance for technical questions, health, safety and packaging-related issues;
  • FEFCO’s publications for members only such as statistics, technical publications, surveys and other news to keep you and your staff current with the market trends and the industry advances;
  • FEFCO works with other industry organisations to monitor the wide array of the European authorities and national governmental, environmental and legislative issues that can clearly impact your business;
  • FEFCO promotes the unique advantages of the corrugated board industry. We have a platform solely dedicated to this purpose that you could visit at www.corrugated-ofcourse.eu/;
  • FEFCO offers you valuable statistics and forecasts; some of these are public and can be viewed in the statistics page . As a member, you get more;
  • FEFCO represents you in other sectors' events, and coordinates activities focused on corrugated matters that cannot be dealt with by individual companies or groups;
  • FEFCO gives you the opportunity to be part of special Committees to set up the industry standards, codes and guidelines and/or work together towards the development of the sector as a whole;
  • FEFCO’s sympathising membership enables you to present a spotlight during the Technical Seminar. Spotlights consist of short presentations of the latest technological innovations, products and or services by suppliers. The Spotlight sessions meet great interest amongst the Seminar delegates, providing you with the opportunity of generating additional business.

For questions, please send an email to Houriet Lefebvre at houriet.lefebvre@fefco.org

How to become a FEFCO Member?

Welcome to FEFCO's Membership section. We strive to provide our members excellent services and information at all times and circumstances.

We invite you to join FEFCO if you qualify for one of the following membership categories.

1. Active Member

Active members are limited to professional associations or recognised group of corrugated board manufacturers of European countries that have a legal entity.
For more about the Active Members rights and duties, please contact FEFCO Secretariat.

FEFCO Association Members list

2. Sympathiser Member

Sympathising members are natural and/or legal persons whose activities are of clear interest to the corrugated such as suppliers of material, machinery, equipment, tecknologies and/or services to the corrugated industry;

Sympathiser membership application form

FEFCO Sympathiser members list

3. Corresponding Member

Corresponding members are natural persons, companies or legal persons in the corrugated board industry performing their activities in Europe. There are two categories of Corresponding members:

a) Category “A”:  belong to a country which does not have a professional national association or other recognised association
b) Category “B”: belong to a country whose professional national association is not an active member of the association;

Corresponding membership application form

FEFCO Corresponding members list

FEFCO Application

Applications to join the association must be addressed in writing to the FEFCO President through the FEFCO Secretariat:
FEFCO AISBL - 250 Avenue Louise (8th floor), 1050 Brussels - Belgium

or contact:
Houriet Lefebvre
EM: houriet.lefebvre@fefco.org
T.: +32 2 626 98 35
M: +32 493 447 332

Resignation, cancellation

  • Any member can resign by registered letter addressed to the association, with a term of at least six months’ notice. The contribution due for the current and the previous years’ remain due irrespective of the resignation time.
  • Members who fail to meet their obligations vis-à-vis the Federation may be excluded from FEFCO. Their contributions covering the current and previous years remain due.

For additional information, please contact Houriet Lefebvre at houriet.lefebvre@fefco.org