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Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Corrugated Shelf Ready Packaging means faster and easier shelf replenishment as it is no longer necessary to re-stock shelves. Not only does it save time for retailers, but impactful graphic design also results in highly effective brand communication.

With SRP, corrugated perfectly meets the ‘five easies’ (attributes defined by retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers as being essential for efficient handling in store).

1. The secondary pack must be easy to identify in the back of the store: clear printing of the brand, size and variant must be visible. Relevant category and seasonal icons and colour coding are used to great effect.

2. The pack must be easy to open with clear graphic instructions. Also optimised positioning of perforations and openings can be incorporated.

3. The pack should be easy to get on shelf: replenishment should be in one movement, without risk that the contents can fall out, and the total weight must be within safe limits. Corrugated is itself lightweight and designed to hold the appropriate quantity of primary packs.

4. The pack must be easily accessed by the shoppers: corrugated packaging is engineered to ensure that primary packs are always visible, are not obscured and can be removed. They must also be easily put back if, after consideration, the shopper decides not to buy.

5. The packaging must be easy to flatten and recycle. Corrugated board has one of the highest recycling rates.

The Blue Book is the SRP “bible” published by the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Executive Board. It is a simple guide for the efficient use of corrugated packaging for retail.



Another effective way to pack promotional products is to use point of sale displays that can be imaginatively designed. They can help retailers generate extra sales with minimal effort and make the best use of space within the store. Ready-filled and with multi-coloured graphics they are designed to make the product stand out from the crowd. They can be positioned in-store quickly and easily.