Meet business requirements

Today’s fit for purpose corrugated packaging simplifies labour intensive tasks and makes better use of available transport space – all while preventing damage to goods. In addition, we see that corrugated is playing an increasingly important marketing role on store shelves as it can significantly increase the sale of a product. When used for e-commerce, it is the first touchpoint with the consumer and therefore is becoming an integral part of the product and reflects the core values of the brand.


In a multi-channel environment, where there many opportunities for businesses and customers to interact, these benefits are extremely valuable. When it comes to protecting products, cost-efficiency and increasing sales, corrugated packaging ticks all the boxes!

Shelf Ready packaging (SRP)

Corrugated Shelf Ready Packaging means faster and easier shelf replenishment as it is no longer necessary to re-stock shelves. Not only does it save time for retailers, but impactful graphic design also results in highly effective brand communication.

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Ideal Logistics Partner

Corrugated paper packaging is the ideal solution for companies that are under constant pressure to drive down costs in transporting their goods. It provides substantial competitive advantages on the following two levels.

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Efficient and Cost effective

The rigidity and lightness of corrugated packaging helps to cut costs, while guaranteeing maximum performance from the material, especially in terms of resistance to vertical compression. That strength to weight ratio is totally unique! In addition, its ingenious construction provides remarkable shock absorption qualities as well as excellent thermal insulation.

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Brand Enhancer

70% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Because at the supermarket consumers are often confronted with an enormous number of products to choose from, they require product information to assist them in the purchasing process. Corrugated board packaging can provide this support because it is ideal for high-quality, eye-catching, multi-coloured printing.

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Packaging for E-commerce

Packaging plays a key role in the phenomenal growth of e-commerce in recent years. 

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Meet business requirements

Shelf-ready packaging

The ideal logistic partner

Made to measure


Brand enhancer

Increases sales

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