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Informative promotional

Corrugated packaging is an ideal marketing medium. Its use of striking colours and shapes, for example, can attract and keep buyers’ attention long enough for them to make the best purchase decision.
Thanks to its attractive graphics corrugated creates very effective shelf impact. When used as shelf or floor display, it can generate additional in-store sales and is a billboard for brands.
These “silent salesmen” offer endless possibilities to increase the value of products. It is very efficient at helping packer-fillers to establish brand identity. Furthermore, corrugated has great display and merchandising qualities, offering superior value and service to the consumer. The latest innovations in printing offer unlimited possibilities to achieve a variety of graphic effects.

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Product Identification

Corrugated packaging improves supply chain visibility. It allows efficient product identification, a concern which today has become, just as important as brand identification. Corrugated carries all the information and data necessary for logistics purposes, such as the various signs, codes, barcodes or matrix codes, as well as RFID labels. The data provide information concerning the origin of the product, its nature, and its journey along the supply chain.

Printing innovations

Corrugated can be an attractive way of displaying and promoting products. New printing techniques satisfy the most sophisticated graphic design requirements. The introduction of new technologies has had a big impact on packaging design  For example, digital printing techniques now allow the economical production of prototypes, sales samples, limited production runs for test markets, as well as a remarkable increase in the possibilities for “speed to market” in new product launches! Recent improvements in flexographic printing techniques have also made it possible to reach a “direct to corrugated” print quality for large-scale print runs that rival traditional techniques, as well as being more economic.

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