Ideal Logistics Partner

Corrugated paper packaging is the ideal solution for companies that are under constant pressure to drive down costs in transporting their goods. It provides substantial competitive advantages on the following two levels:

- Maximum stacking and space utilisation, which guarantees that each vehicle can take on its full capacity.
- Perfect product protection and load stability

This means optimised transport with fewer trucks on the road, less traffic and lower atmospheric pollution with real cost savings.

Compared to other transit packaging systems, in an open loop system, corrugated one-way packaging is established to be the best packaging solution especially when it involves long distances. Trucks can transport 3 times as many empty corrugated packs than for example multi-way packaging, and up to 30% more packaged goods can be fitted onto a pallet.

Helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Transport has a huge impact on the environment and therefore should be minimised whenever possible. Transport is the only major sector in the EU where greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, freight transport in Europe is expected to grow by some 60% from 2010 to 2015.

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Made to measure

Corrugated packaging can be made to any standard size, but it can also be tailored-made to the product. There is a large range of sizes corresponding to sub-multiples of different size pallets.

Standardised bases and variable heights make the best use of every millimetre of space, so that more products can be transported on one pallet or in one lorry. This makes corrugated packaging very flexible, cost effective and in addition fewer transport also means additional benefit to the environment.

There are many design possibilities, the most commonly used corrugated packaging designs are classified per basic type groups in the FEFCO code.


Corrugated packaging complies strictly with the European legislation on traceability by enabling the tracking and tracing of the packed product. Clear identification boosts the efficiency of the whole logistics process.