Mission Statement

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The source of information for the European Corrugated Industry for 60 years

FEFCO’s mission is to promote the common interest of its members across Europe and to improve the image of the Corrugated Board industry. FEFCO provides a variety of services, useful information and technical expertise that facilitate the work of its member companies.
FEFCOs’ activities are as follows:

  • Promoting the many qualities of corrugated board, such as its use as packaging material or for other applications;
  • Providing service to its members by collecting and disseminating valuable information within the corrugated packaging industry but also to key stakeholders;
  • Offering technical expertise in the field of Corrugated Board manufacturing;
  • Sharing experience and knowledge among members thanks to the organisation or the Technical Seminar ‘the unique European Technical Industry Platform";
  • Organising events for members such as congresses and workshops on topical and current industry issues;
  • Spreading the benefits of using Corrugated packaging to customers and retailers.