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High-tech & innovative

Modern Supply Chain Management (SCM) calls for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) capable packaging. Thus it must be easy for the materials to carry the tags that are now used for identifying transported goods.

This is no problem for corrugated board. RFID tags can be glued easily to the material and quickly identified at any time or place.

New Developments in the corrugated industry

In addition, a wide array of developments is being currently made available by most corrugated companies, and the following are just some of the improvements:


1 Improving water-resistance and damp-proofing without impairing recyclability

2 Corrosion-resistant packaging materials

3 Continuous improvements in adhesives and starches

4 Continuous developments in the qualities of corrugated board

5 Improvements of the overall efficiency of corrugators (ex:  news corrugators up to 3,30 m width, speeds up to 350 m/min)

6 Progress in the process control systems

7 Improvement of the print quality

8 Decreasing of the average paper and corrugated board basis weight

9 Microflutes

10 Cooler corrugating

11 Zero defect technology

12 Exploring new fields such as micro encapsulation, nanotechnologies and much more to come …