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FEFCO Corrugated Packaging Recyclability Guidelines - design for circularity 


With the aim to contribute to the sustainability of packaging, the FEFCO Corrugated Packaging Recyclability Guidelines provide the industry with a practical set of tools to implement in the recycling of paper and board to ensure the optimal use of natural resources and minimise their environmental impact.  


FEFCO Technical Specifications for Converting Equipment

The corrugated industry is acting in an environment where the requirements of customers are getting more and more strict and demanding. The converting machines play a major role in obtaining the required quality level of the finished products. FEFCO Technical Specifications for Converting Equipment_V1.2 is meant to support all those in the industry who are involved in selecting converting machines, defining the specifications of the machines, commissioning the machines and using them after installation. 

The document was updated in 2019, the major change was the new TS 702 on Fishtailing & Gap variation. An excel testing template is available as a tool to support the statistical evaluation of the test results and communication with suppliers/customers. FEFCO members can download the document here OR please contact FEFCO at

Measurement devices could be obtained from the suppliers: 
•    Mechanical measuring device: BobstBW Papersystems and Technology Coaching
•    Optical/ Laser measuring device: Bahmüller 
If other suppliers could provide measurement devices, please inform FEFCO. 

Reel Identification and Finishing Guideline


The Reel Identification and Finishing Guidelines published in December 2017 has been developed by FEFCO together with Cepi ContainerBoard (CCB) and contains the principles for reels labelling as well as core requirements.




FEFCO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard

FEFCO has updated the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) document in March 2020. The updated document is now available here.

NEW: Auditors need to renew certification documents every 5 years. 


The background

FEFCO GMP standard is developed for the manufacturing of packaging made of corrugated board in order to support companies to fulfil the legal requirements according to EU Regulations 1935/2004/EG for food contact materials and EU Regulation 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practices (See document below).

All actors of the supply chain (e.g. producers, packers or suppliers) are responsible for ensuring the quality, safety, and hygiene not only of food, but also of packaging.

The corrugated industry produces the N°1 transport packaging in the world. The FEFCO GMP standard was launched at the end of 2003, renewed in 2006, to ensure that corrugated boxes meet all the requirements of quality, safety and hygiene. Furthermore, such a transparent standard, adapted to the material, also respects all its specific qualities (versatility, lightness, strength, recyclability).

Implementing this GMP means having a total control system in place in each manufacturing plant. The purpose is to ensure that from the purchase of raw material through the delivery of the finished product to the customers' premises, all parameters of quality, hygiene and traceability are monitored.


When a plant obtains GMP certification:

  • this plant can guarantee that the product delivered to the customer fulfils all quality, safety and hygiene requirements,
  • it can produce a certificate at the customer's request,
  • it can offer better product quality through better control and traceability, which is an integral part of the standard,
  • it can guarantee consistent hygienic conditions within a controlled production process,
  • it means that all the well known requirements of other standards are met (e.g. BRC/IOP, MCAS) and therefore multi-audits are superfluous,
  • it meets the requirements of EU Regulation 1935/2004/EG and EU Regulation 2023/2006 concerning the GMP implementation during the manufacturing of packaging intended for food from corrugated board.



  • The FEFCO GMP Standard
  • Acceptance Conditions and Procedure for Certifying Bodies
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    World standards - Comparison testing methods FEFCO / EN / ISO / TAPPI
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