EuRIC joins the European Paper Recycling Council to achieve European Green Deal targets

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Circular Choices - cross sectoral coalition


EPRC Awards 2022


EPRC - EuRIC joins to achieve European Green Deal targets

EPRC - Collection and recycling of used paper more important than ever in times of health crisis

CITPA - Cross border transport of raw materials, goods and packaging should continue

EPRC - The Winners of the 7th Edition of the European Paper Recycling Awards!


Industry4Europe - A long term strategy for Europe's Industrial future

FEFCO takes on EPRC chairmanship


Industry4Europe - Make industry priority for EU policy makers

COF - Impact of packaging on consumer behaviour 


CPI introduces CFQ for UK`s fresh produce industry

CEPI - One step closer towards a truly Circular Economy in and for Europe


Germany - Corrugated packaging hygienic solution for home delivery (in German)

UK CPI - Corrugated Packaging supplies hygienic case for food

ERPC - Paper Recycling Chain exceeds its voluntary commitment

Netherlands CBA - Fruit langer vers en gezonder in verpakking van golfkarton

USA/FBA - FEFCO/Bologna University Study

Germany - Retailers stop using plastic carrier bags

France - Press conference CFQ launch  (in French)


Germany - Press release on comparison of packaging materials performance (in English)

Austria - Seminar: Sustainable packaging to reduce food waste (in Austrian) 

France - National Council of Packaging on environmental aspect of packaging (in French)

Germany - Press release corrugated for the Minions with Amazon (in German)

Italy - News page (in Italian)

Poland - News page (in Polish)

Spain - News, events and publications page (in Spanish)

UK - Press release Health and safety conference June 2015