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Corrugated packaging: e-commerce’s perfect partner

Packaging plays a key role in the phenomenal growth of e-commerce in recent years. According to a survey from Smithers’ Pira*, e-commerce shipments increased globally by 33% between 2014 and 2016.

The success and growth of e-commerce depends on the smooth running of a complex supply chain. Corrugated packaging is one element that contributes to the successful performance of this interconnected supply chain. To deliver products safely and efficiently and satisfy customer expectations requires packaging that is functional and protective. Corrugated delivers on both fronts.

* a worldwide expert “ on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains


Brand enhancer - Make a lasting impression with the Wow! factor

Whether the customer is buying online, or in a shop, the experience should be the same, in terms of the look and feel and quality of the product. Packaging plays an important part in forming this perception. The door step has replaced the high street store in being the first physical touchpoint between customer and the product and brand. With beautifully designed boxes including features such as interior printing, personalised digital printing and tear-off systems for easy opening, corrugated packaging helps increase customer satisfaction and creates a lasting emotional bond with the brand.

Just do a search for “unboxing” videos online and you’ll see why packaging is so important for the consumer!

Protective and convenient

The packaging for products shipped via e-commerce must be strong and protective, because of the high numbers of touchpoints during a product’s journey. Logistics are a challenge, especially “the last mile” and delivery to the customer.

Corrugated is the ideal packaging to take on these challenges. It offers innovative and environmentally sound solutions designed for every type of product, whatever the logistics involved. Here’s why corrugated packaging is the perfect choice:

- Excellent cushioning properties
- Lightweight, slim and strong to ensure the safe transit of the product
- Versatile and fit for purpose, using just the right amount of packaging
- Innovative and tailor-made solutions for optimal space utilisation
- Convenient, e.g. the “frustration free” packaging from amazon
- Innovative features such as: adjustable sizes thanks to pre-cuts, easy to assemble with automatically locking bottoms, tamper-proof locks and resealable packaging for return shipments.

Sustainable and easy to recycle

The consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging is growing. Corrugated provides an unbeatable and sustainable packaging solution:

- 100% recyclable and biodegradable material
- The precious fibres are recycled to make new corrugated packaging
- On average, a new box contains 88% recycled content
- Paper fibres can be recycled 25 times or more
- Optimising the use of packaging material
- Easy to sort as mono-material (paper-based materials)
- Packaging is easily folded and flattened, ready to be collected for recycling.