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Climate neutrality

FEFCO Climate Neutrality Roadmap

Driven by the EU Green Deal and its implications, the aim of this project is to establish a pathway towards an envisioned decarbonised economy and a plan that can be implemented by FEFCO members. This exercise will require gathering evidence (facts and figures) to develop a comprehensive report to demonstrate that corrugated packaging is the preferred sustainable packaging, complying with the EU ambition for a decarbonised economy by 2050.

In order to move forward rapidly and efficiently, the workgroup is composed of a Steering Committee and an Expert Group of specialists in energy, climate neutrality or sustainability.

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The roadmap reflects a credible plan that can be implemented in the required timeframe, and shows the strong will of the industry to build a climate neutral future for corrugated cardboard. Already the most recycled packaging material, with 88% recycled content, climate neutral corrugated cardboard will enable sustainable global supply chains for the long-term.

Alex Manisty (DSS)

Chairman of the Communications
Committee and the
Climate Neutrality

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