The Regular Slotted Case (RSC)

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The Regular Slotted Case (RSC)

Most of them are produced with an in-line flexographic printer / slotter folder gluer which in one operation:

  • prints
  • cuts
  • folds
  • and glues the corrugated board into its final shape

The packaging is the paletised and ready to be shipped falt to the customer.

Different types of die-cutting technics

Die cut packaging is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly advanced, therefore contributing to the success of corrugated packaging.

The die-cut containers are manufactured on a die-cutter that cuts and creases the board. It is usually reserved for a more sophisticated pack style.

This process requires a « form » that can be mounted around a cylinder, in which case the machine is called a rotary die-cutter, the other variant is called a flatbed die-cutter. As indicated by its name its form is flat.

Exampel: Rotary die-cutting